Easy to apply

How to use the Nasanita® Nose Butterfly®

You decide yourself how long you wear it

The Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® consists of high-purity, highly compatible materials. Therefore there is nothing to prevent you from wearing it for a longer period. Thus simply use the Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® for as long as is expedient for your needs and requirements (e.g. at night).

How to take care of your Nasanita® Nose Butterfly®

Before and after each use just rinse the Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® thoroughly in warm water, If there are any traces of secretion adhering, these should be removed mechanically using a brush or by rubbing. Take care to dry completely after each use.

Safe and hygienic storage – in the practical Nasanita® Box.

One hand movement is sufficient

The advantages your Nasanita® gives you:

  • ready for use at any time
  • easy to clean
  • it can be worn for as long as you need