To be puffed out, not being able to breathe properly: When these feelings of discomfort increasingly occur, or even turn into a permanent condition, it is high time to get right down to the bottom of them.

For breathing difficulties up to the point of respiratory distress can have varied causes. These include for example obesity, acute bronchial infections as well as serious chronic diseases, as for example asthma and also certain heart conditions.

Go to the doctor

If you suffer from respiratory problems, are finding it difficult to breathe, or if respiratory distress actually occurs, consult your doctor. Aided by suitable examination he can determine the cause of your problems and will suggest a suitable treatment to you.

Do not hesitate to see your doctor – as particularly in the case of respiratory diseases – delayed treatment can bring about lasting resultant conditions!

Impaired nasal breathing – a problem for many people

In some cases the doctor diagnoses impaired nasal breathing due to narrow nasal valves. The reason for this is often that the nose is too narrow in the region behind the nostrils. Thus the person is not able to breathe in enough air through the nose, or else breathing in demands a great deal of effort. In these cases the Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® helps – particularly when an operation is either not desired nor possible.

Special case: cold pregnancy

Numerous expectant mothers suffer from nasal congestion and a stuffy nose, without actually having caught a cold: The hormonal adjustment is responsible for the mucous membrane not only of the uterus but also of the nose receiving a greater suppy of blood, resulting in becoming swollen, as with a cold. Women who have relatively narrow nasal valves then find it difficult to breathe through their nose. Sleep disorders and snoring result. Nasanita® is the ideal help for these temporary but impairing complaints.