Sleep well!

Nasanita® – rapid help for many problems to do with sleep disorders and snoring

A snoring sleeping companion is more than mere noise pollution. But also the snorer’s own sleep is anything but refreshing. In the long term the whole organism suffers – you have certainly also already experienced this ...

It all depends on the cause

If obesity or alcohol consumption are the reasons for nightly snoring, there is only one solution: Loose weight or your alcohol intake!

In some cases, however, the affected persons snore because they are suffering from a narrowing of the front region of their nose. They shift unconsciously from nasal to mouth breathing, which can not only lead to infections of the throat and bronchial area, but also produce troublesome snoring. Constantly recurring sleep disorders are often also caused by impaired nasal breathing. However, you no longer have to put up with these problems – the Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® effectively helps to combat them!

When does Nasanita® help?

The Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® helps when the snoring problems are caused by impaired nasal breathing as a result of narrow nasal valves or unstable nasal wings.

Ask your doctor or your chemist – he will be glad to advise you as to what extent Nasanita® can help in your own personal case!

Particularly affected: The 50 plus generation

Many people suffer from narrowing of the nose due to old age: With advancing age they breathe much less air in through their nose. This is often caused by a weakening of the connective tissue in the nose, affecting men as well as women. In these cases the Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® stabilizes the nasal tissue, so that it is possible to breathe deeply and freely again.