Nasanita® Nose Butterfly®

Nasanita® helps where the problem actually arises

Many people suffer from impaired nasal breathing due to narrow nasal valves or unstable nasal wings. The Nasanita® Nose Butterfly® will help you: You just insert it into the front region of your nose. Its flexible silicone wings adjust themselves optimally to the shape of your nose, expand the nasal valves and stabilize your nasal wings from the inside.

Nasal breathing is thus considerably eased and improved: You inhale perceptibly more air through your nose again – and at the same time you’ll find it very easy to wear!

The advantages given by your Nasanita®:

  • easy to handle and safe to use
  • suitable and highly compatible for people suffering from allergies
  • ergonomically shaped and fitting well in every nose
  • reusable (at least 6 months even when used regularly)